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Music, movement and fun for children and young people with special needs


Registered Charity: 1010218

Welcome to Musical Keys, an established registered charity based in Norwich and operating across Norfolk. It was founded in 1990 by the parents of disabled children who realized that their children responded to music irrespective of their level of disability.

Children with a full range of special needs and disabilities are able to gain new skills and further their development through the use of music in a stimulating, fun environment.

Parents/carers attend with their child and any siblings, they fully participate in the activities using a wide range of materials including percussion instruments, visual aids eg puppets and textured fabrics. Large physio balls, parachutes and Lycra. We use many actions and props often within a theme, such as Autumn, the countryside, seaside, travel, ourselves and food etc. There are opportunities for counting, shape or colour matching, language development, including maths language e.g. up, down, backwards, forwards, smaller, bigger etc. Our songs help to develop speech and a sense of rhyme and rhythms that are an integral part of our language.

Sign language is used during group activities as a learning aid for children who find communication difficult.

Parents learn new songs, signing and techniques which they can use to build on the work learnt in group activities to continue with their child in the comfort of their own home.

Family members are able to socialize and build support networks

Referral to Musical Keys can be via health workers, GPs or schools; or get in touch by telephoning Sallie on 01603 405858

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